Starting your Business Venture Online



Statics have shown that as of June this year, 55.1 % of the world’s population had access to the internet. That translates to about 3.2 Billion people globally. This makes the digital platform an avenue every business owner should look at exploiting if they want to advance in their operations and achieve their financial goals. There are about five social media channels that a business can use to reach out to these people in the quest of finding more clients of their services. They are namely, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The question that any entrepreneur will ask will however be, how I can be outstanding when compared with my competitors considering every business is looking at exploiting these channels. How will your account be perceived as strong and trustworthy? Buying of artificial followers and likes are some of the services that a business can embrace when it comes to social media and business.


Facebook Likes


This social networking service was launched in 2004 and by June this year, it had over 2.23 Billion users globally. As a business, you will need to open a Facebook group or page where you can showcase your products and services to the users. The content shared can be photos and videos of the services and products. The users will have to like and follow your business page and group in order to make it known to the rest of the world. The likes can come from your friends, family, and customers whom you have invited to your group and page. But let’s face it how many will they be? Funny enough there has been un disputable evidence that not every kin or friend will give you the much yearned like! For your account to stand out, as a business owner you will need to devise other means, Buy automatic retweets. This service enables you to buy artificial likes on your group which will imply that these “people “ have used your services or products at some point and they were satisfied with the services offered enough to give it like.

These organic artificial likes will give your business a strong reputation in the eyes of customers and send a tough impression to your competitors. At the end of the day, the likes will end up attracting real clients who will, in turn, be converted into customers for your business. In the long run, there will be an increase in your sales and profits in your business.


Twitter followers


Created in 2006, twitter as a social media networking services has rapidly grown gaining popularity across the globe. With over 330 million users one cannot ignore this platform if they are looking at expanding their business in the digital market. One should open a business account and fill in the details of their business well. The contact information should be accurately written. Twitter works with handles which is like the identification of an account. One should choose their twitter handle carefully so that it can be memorable and catchy to any user who comes into contact with it. Creating the content to be shared should be done in a good interesting way but be limited to the number of the characters provided by the service. One should invite their customers, friends, and families to follow their business account. If all that has been done and you as a business account owner is not experiencing the flock of new clients as expected it can be discouraging. One should accept that it is a competitive world out there, what will make you stand out?  What will give your business an edge when compared to your competitors? Investing in services that procure your organic followers will do the trick, Buy twitter followers to get ahead and attract more real followers for your business account on Twitter.


Instagram Likes


This is a social networking service created in 2010 that was for solely sharing of photos and pictures through the use of a smartphone. With over 500 million users daily and a billion users monthly, this forms a lucrative platform for any business that wants to get ahead on the digital marketing arena in the world today. An interesting finding shows that the Like button in this application is hit about 4.2 Billion times daily making it a goldmine element for any business owner. This shows that having many likes on a post makes it stand out and be noticed among the users. A business should create an account and share high quality photos, videos, and graphics pertaining to their operations. One important demographic information one should know about Instagram is that many of its users enjoy a high level of disposable income, they are ready to spend on a worthy product or service. The likes it will receive will depend on how famous the account is. But what if it is new? Not so known business? How will you be noticed? The few likes your posts will attract are from your friends, families and a few customers. But how do you get the likes that will make your account stand out and be noticed? Buy Instagram Likes to get to that point.


Instagram followers


Another key area on Instagram is how many followers does your account have? Followers are the people that have shown interested in your business account and gone ahead and “followed” your account. With over 23% more engagement compared to Facebook, Instagram forms a good platform that a business should target to have followers who will give the account confidence in the eyes of anyone who comes into contact with it. As a brand on this platform, you have a high chance of getting engagement when compared to twitter and Facebook. About 4% of the total followers will show interest in the account’s posts and pictures on Instagram. This makes it easier to convert them into clients, resulting in increased sales. These clients might refer their friends and circle of acquaintances to your business if served well. But as mentioned earlier how do you gain a large following of followers? Apart from the usual, friends, old clients, family? Buy Instagram followers from the companies that offer these services.



This video sharing application was created in 2005. With over 1.8 billion users monthly, it forms a good avenue that a business can exploit when it comes to reaching out to more clients online. As a business owner, create a YouTube account and share your details in form of videos, talks, pictures of your business to these users. But how many viewers will you attract as a starter on this channel? A video with high viewers can be featured at the top in the searches when keywords are typed by a user. How do you get a high number of users? One might wonder, Buy YouTube views. These are organic views generated automatically by the service provider. These views will make your video a success attracting many viewers who can now be converted into clients of your services and products. In the end, you will increase your business sales and profits.



As a business owner on a growing digital platform, there is a need to explore and maximize the use of these social media platforms if you want to reach out to the high number of potential clients online. Go ahead adopt these services for the advancement of your business online from whatever social networking service provider you will prefer.